Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Maple Glider

Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Maple Glider


Some debut singles stop you in your tracks, absolutely flooring listeners far and wide. As Tradition from Maple Glider is one of those songs.

Maple Glider is the project of Lismore-born, Melbourne-based songwriter Tori Zietsch, a brand new face on the scene. She’s also a brand new signing to Pieater, the Melbourne record label home to Big Scary, #1 Dads, Airling, and more.

Zietsch originally rubbed shoulders with the label during their Pie School initiative, where she entered a winning demo and ended up recording a track with label head Tom Iansek and the crew. The single unfortunately never saw the light of day – it was recorded under a two-piece band Zietsch was in at the time which has since folded.

However, it wasn’t to be the end of her story. In 2019 Iansek was enlisted once again to produce and record a series of songs Zietsch had written for her solo project, Maple Glider. As Tradition is the first song to be released from that collection of tunes, and you can see why the label wanted to sign her.

Accompanied by a delightfully lo-fi clip filmed by Bridgette Winten, As Tradition is about taking positive lessons from less-than-positive experiences. In a press release, Zietsch explained:

“I was raised from birth in quite a restrictive religious household. When I moved away from Australia and left the supportive community I have at home here in Melbourne, I realised that I hadn’t really processed a lot of the ways that I’d been affected by it. Going through my last break-up I could draw a lot of parallels between the feelings I’d had participating in the religion as I’d had in that particular relationship.”

“I felt my identity kind of dissolve in order to appease what my partner at the time needed from me, and in a way, I began performing for the idea of love and acceptance instead of trusting my intuition. There was definitely a strong element of gaslighting in both situations and I guess writing the song was a way of coming to that understanding and forming a resolution to grow from those experiences.”

The song Maple Glider entered into Needle In The Hay hasn’t been released as of yet, so we have to keep it a secret for now. Know that its beauty stands side-by-side with As Tradition, and it’ll most definitely cause a stir when it’s out.

Until then, keep up with Maple Glider on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube.


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