PREMIERE: Twelve Ballet carve a momentous path forward with their debut single Just So She Knows

Twelve Ballet are Benjamin and Samantha Hope, the brother/sister duo formerly known as Glider Pilots.  Today they drop their first new song under the new name, a glittering downtempo ballad named Just So She Knows.

With two EPs and an album to their previous name, Twelve Ballet boast a wealth of songwriting experience between them. Years of practice converge into the bright new project, and it’s clear that lessons learnt in the past have firmly crafted their sound for the future.

In other words, Just So She Knows is a goliath project, and the summation of everything the Hopes have been constructing since they first picked up their instruments.

twelve ballet glider pilots just so she knows

Built upon the heady foundation of 12 years in the game, the debut track from Twelve Ballet forms a colossal new springboard for the duo to take off from.

Just So She Knows spins a story of a relationship gone awry, like so many songs before it. Yet a confounding and magnetic vagueness pervades the entire song, lifting it to a realm far beyond the usual romantic whining found in a score of alt-pop ballads.

It just comes back to maturity, pure and simple. This isn’t the work of a musical pair still on their training wheels, quite the opposite.

Following on from three years making music as Glider Pilots, Benjamin and Samantha recently found themselves in need of a new creative identity. As their old act grew in fame and substance, so did they. But they were growing faster than the band.

Twelve Ballet reflects the duo in their current frame of mind: wholly conceived individuals, ready to take on the world.

Looking forward to whatever they cook up next.