Riley Pearce and Greta Stanley chat about dogs, and Bottling It Up

While Riley Pearce and Greta Stanley have made significant names for themselves as powerhouses in Australia’s indie landscape, together, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

On their latest single, Bottle It Up (feat. Greta Stanley), the duo bring this force to the forefront, for an intimate ballad that’s soft and emotive – while being drenched with a healthy dose of Aussie larrikinism.

In light of this impressive release today, and the announcement of their dual headlining winter tour across the nation, Happy got the chance to have Greta and Riley chat with each other about doggos, post-pandemic artistry, and how to Bottle It Up. 

GRETA: I’m aware we are both dog lovers, what is your favourite breed of dog and why?

RILEY: Yes indeed! I’m probably a bit biased at the moment as I have a cocker spaniel and he’s great, but I also love Golden Retrievers and any other affectionate but goofy dogs.

GRETA: What’s the best part about being a musician and the most challenging?

RILEY: Best part is that it never really feels like a job. Every day is exciting, and I never know what to expect or what I’ll create and there’s always plenty of magical moments when stuff clicks or what’s in my head gets successfully transferred into the real world. The most challenging at the moment is touring and not being able to book shows around the country with any level of confidence they’ll actually happen but hopefully, that passes soon.

GRETA: What’s the best thing about WA?

RILEY:  Being so close to the coast is great, it often just feels like a big country town. The constant sun is also a major bonus although my skin probably disagrees.

GRETA: If you could have your ideal day on a plate what would your chosen meals be?

RILEY: This is something I often think about. It would involve a nice hearty breakfast (eggs, avo, hash browns, sourdough toast), plenty of coconut chocolate and ice cream throughout the day and dinner would have to be either a burger and chips or a nice pasta.

RILEY: I have to start with a dog question too. What funny personality traits/quirks do your dogs have?

GRETA: I’ve got a kelpie and a greyhound, and I feel like they’ve adapted all these habits off each other. Greyhounds don’t typically bark and my grey copies my kelpie but it’s this super weird bark, my kelpie has learnt to do all the weird greyhound stretches and sleeping positions too, they’re definitely a funny pair.  They both tap us with their paws when they want pats too.

RILEY: Do you have any pre-show superstitions or routines before you hit the stage?

GRETA: No superstitions as such, but my routine is usually to have time to myself or be only around a few people so that I’m not too overwhelmed or distracted. It’s also healthier for my voice because if I spend too much time talking loudly in a bar my voice doesn’t survive the whole tour!

RILEY: What do you miss most about the pre-pandemic musician life?

GRETA: The security of touring, it’s always unpredictable how shows will go even in pre-covid times, but where it’s heading now is really hard on everyone in the creative industry. Everything can change in a day, and then change back, and change again. It’s hard to feel confident booking any shows.

RILEY: If you could be mentored by any other artist for a month, who would you choose?

GRETA: That’s a tough one. Probably Taylor Swift. I’ve listened to her since I was pretty young and she’s had success after success and she started in the industry as a young female singer-songwriter. I just think she could teach me a lot; she is a woman at this massive level in the music industry who I believe is a great role model for young females.

Bottle It Up is out now on all streaming services!

Riley Pearce and Greta Stanley’s ‘Winter Tour’ runs across Australia from August 21 to September 4! Get your tickets here!

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