PREMIERE: Slowjöy pour a glass of sweet, complex psych-rock on their debut single 'Seeker'

PREMIERE: Slowjöy pour a glass of sweet, complex psych-rock on their debut single ‘Seeker’

Slowjöy have signed, sealed, and delivered a breath-taking display of psych-rock brilliance on their debut single.

On their debut single, Slowjöy capture uncertainty through cashmere textures and blazing psych-rock tones. A kaleidoscope of rotating, bending, and snapping sonic hypnosis, Seeker is like that first peach of summer; sweet, sour, and dripping everywhere once you take that first, glorious bite.

Musing on the complexities of life and the future, the band present audiences with an enveloping sonic landscape, peppering the scene with synth-heavy textures and details along the way.


The majesty of this track is not lost on anyone, especially a first-time listener. It’s one of those tracks that takes your breath away the minute you hear its gossamer tones. A psychedelic dreamscape riddled with anxiety and a lust for the unknown, Seeker is worth its weight in gold.

“Following the dissolvement of their previous group Baskervillain, Tom Spurgin and Daniel Mahler continued what they have been doing for a decade – making music,” the band explain. “The song-writing/production duo then sought the skills and finesse of Sam Castan on drums and Lachlan Symons on bass to bring the recordings from Slowjöys forthcoming EP Sunrip, to life. The lyrics written by Tom convey an uncertainty in one’s life direction, and introspectively poses the question: ‘What do you seek?'”


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As a debut, Slowjöy have knocked it out of the park with one hit. An air-tight and almost mathematical rhythm section perfectly lays itself beneath flourishing riffs and synth. What audiences are left with is a juicy and irresistible track.

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