Watch Vlossom perform 'Open Your Mind' Live at Enmore

Vlossom Performs ‘Open Your Mind’ Live at Enmore


The brainchild of Alister Wright (Cloud Control) and Nick Littlemore (of PNAU and Empire of the Sun fame), the music of Vlossom merges pop, indie, and electronic sensibilities, and wraps them in a cloud of psychedelia.

Gearing up for a fresh run of local shows, Vlossom brought their recently released single, Open Your Mind, to the Live at Enmore studios.

Always an enigmatic presence, Vlossom brought a whole lot of positive energy to the session, enticing you to Open Your Mind.

Open Your Mind was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 


Along for the ride in this session and expertly holding down the groove was Russell Fitzgibbon (Skeleten) and Tahlia Amato on bass and drums respectively.

Here’s what Wright had to say about Open Your Mind:

Open Your Mind is one of those songs that came out of nowhere. Nick brought me a beat that had the MPC strings hook at the start and I just started freestyling over it…it’s a call out to open your mind to new things and have fun.”

Check out the performance below:


For more on Vlossom, check out their website.