10 songs to soundtrack your breakup according to Tiny Little Houses

Heartbreak, it’s a messy business that no one profits from. A spark that turns into many creative fires, it’s a theme that anchors the brilliant debut EP from Tiny Little Houses You Tore Out My Heart. No stranger to ailments of the heart, frontman Caleb Karvountzis has thrown together an impressive little listicle to help out anyone who is feeling those heavy feels.

Tiny Little Houses 10 breakup songs

Tiny Little Houses’ Caleb Karvountzis has assembled the ultimate breakup playlist to help you out when heartbreak feels a little too real.

“I write a lot of sad songs and listen to a lot of sad music so I feel a breakup mixtape is somewhat my forte. Many of these tracks have influenced my own writing in some way. I’ve chosen the following songs not because they are the best songs about breakup but because they are the songs you’ll want to hear while going through one. It’s a fact you’re going to experience the 5 stages of grief whether you want to or not. Here’s a mixtape to help you wallow in the first four.”

Elliott Smith – Waltz #1

Nothing Elliott Smith wrote feels as accomplished or as beautiful as Waltz #1. It’s so hazy and melancholic and it will make your aching head swim.

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

You want to feel completely numb inside? Like numb to the point where you’re stripped of all ego and you are just an ambient empty shell? Well have I got the song for you. It’s hard to discern what it’s all about and the lyrics are as vague and mysterious as Kevin Shields has ever done. I feel that it’s about a guy who loves a girl who doesn’t pay him attention because she is deeply in love with another guy who doesn’t love her back because he loves someone else.

Elvis Depressedly – Ease

As the name of the band suggests there’s no light heartedness here. It’s about being a screw up, “I have failed at everything that I’ve ever tried, won’t you ease up on me?” I guarantee if you’re in the mood for some good old fashion self-loathing you will have this baby on repeat.

The Gerbils – Glue

A bit of an obscure one here. The Gerbils are the relatively unknown solo project of Neutral Milk Hotel member Scott Spillane. It’s one of my favorite songs, a slow burner which in my opinion has one of heck of a payoff. Screaming that last chorus in the car after some heartbreak will make you feel alive again.

Keaton Henson – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

The saddest song ever? This is the real deal. Every time I listen to it I get chills. “Does he know not to talk about your dad, does he know when you’re sad you don’t like to be touched let alone kissed?” :’(

Chet Baker – The Thrill is Gone

Not Chet Faker. Chet Baker wrote some amazing music in his time but this one hits too close to home for me and it probably will for you.

Stolen Violin – Romance at the Petrol Station

There’s so much tension and longing in this song it’s palpable.

The Creases – Static Lines

One of my favorite Australian bands. We’ve all been here, young love, seeing the girl you like at a party talking to other guys, having too much to drink and making a mess of everything. It’s a melancholy song but with enough energy to pick up your spirits.

Montgomery – Pinata

This song stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I heard it. Hopefully by this song you’ll be feeling a little better.

Tiny Little Houses will be touring in support of their debut You Tore Out My Heart this month, be sure to get down to a show and have a good cry.

Friday October 16 – Shebeen, Melbourne. Tix
Saturday October 17 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat. Tix
Saturday October 31 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney. Tix
Friday November 27 – Paradise Music Festival, Victoria. Tix