A Portal of Sound and Vision: the innovation and determination behind James Spink of Volumes

If you were to name just one rising star in the Sydney live music scene, James Spink would have to come to mind.

The man behind the Volumes series, a collection of live music events around Sydney showcasing up and coming visual artists and performers, Spink has dived head first into the world of urban events and has managed to pull it off in an accessible and inclusive way.

Photo by Four Minutes to Midnight
Photo: Four Minutes to Midnight

How do you run a street festival or monthly party in Australia’s most restricted city? We speak to James Spink of Volumes.

With a focus on curating a rounded and engaging experience for its audience, Volumes never fails to deliver on exposing Sydney to exciting young acts.

Tastefully converging the visual with the sonic, it builds a business model which will hopefully project Sydney beyond the constraints of lockouts and into a new era of entertainment.

“Innovation is the key, and that’s what I think is happening in Sydney at the moment, people putting on not just warehouse parties, but interesting parties…. parties where you go down and it’s not just a crowd standing in front of a band playing music, there’s amazing other stuff happening.”

“And I think with an audience of our generation, with how accessible everything is, VR and TV, Netflix, people are bombarded by a billion different stimuli and things that are exciting.”

“People walking away being like ‘fuck that’s amazing’.”


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