Abroad run us through the gear behind their sound

Earlier this month, when Abroad dropped their latest single All I Want, we were immediately immersed in their euphoric indie-electro sounds.

The band make music that washes over you completely, so fresh off the release of the new track, we caught up with the band themselves for a complete run-down of the gear that shapes their sound.

Fresh off the release of their incredible new single All I Want, we caught up with Abroad for a run-down of the gear behind their sound.

MacBook Pro

Using Ableton as our live engine along with the full suite of Soundtoys plugins as well as some classics from Native Instruments, such as Massive and Battery. Everything runs through this as we need Ableton’s versatility to record and loop guitars, vocals and synths and well as easily change settings for different synths. It really makes it possible to run our show seamlessly as we balance out playing live, but mixing songs together like a DJ set.

Fender 1972 Telecaster Thinline Reissue

This is my baby, we use this on pretty much every song, looped over and over again with lush delays and reverbs. For me, it’s often the thing that ties our sound and our songs together, outside of our vocals of course. -Will

Roland SPD-SX

This is the newest addition for us. It’s such a versatile piece of kit that is really working its way more and more into the set and our studio setup. Being able to play drums and sample synths whilst using the onboard FX really makes it a staple in our arsenal.

Novation Launchkey

Will uses this live mostly to launch scenes in Ableton and control the live looping aspect of the set. It’s handy for simple keyboard parts and dial based controls, such as cutoff and LFO’s.

Novation Impulse

This is Jacks workhorse live. It has a great balance of playability and control over Ableton; knobs, dials and buttons that we can really assign to anything. Most of the time he’s playing the electric keyboard sounds and rich, deep synth pads, sometimes both and this piece of gear is what allows him to do that.

All I Want is available now. Listen here.