PREMIERE: Madame Wu and riverkid grapple with Sydney’s dying music scene in new single Love Me No More

Madame Wu and riverkid’s latest single Love Me No More soaks Sydney’s streets in heartfelt honesty as they grapple with the loss of the city’s music and arts scene. It’s a poignant follow-up to Sydney’s recent Don’t Kill Live Music rally, and takes aim at the NSW government with powerful lyrics, soulful choruses, and quick-witted lyrical flow.

Throughout the new video, the pair tour Sydney, visiting cultural hotspots and addressing the lockout laws that bind them. From bridge to beach, concrete, parkland, and the inner west, they tell a story of rejection, and their one-sided love affair with Sydney.

We love you Sydney, why don’t you love us back?“: Inspired by the recent Don’t Kill Live Music campaign and the re-election of the state government, Love Me No More is a break-up/love song to our city.

Love Me No More is the first single off Madame Wu’s forthcoming third album; slated for release later in the year. Madame Wu has cemented herself as a strong female presence in Sydney’s hip hop scene, moving from strength to strength since releasing her debut self-titled album in 2012. A few years later, in 2016, she dropped Time Waits For No Woman (a duo with Elise Graham) and gained serious airtime on Triple J.

DJ riverkid, who also contributed beats to Time Waits For No Woman, is a Sydney producer, soul singer, and DJ, as well as the host of the Local Flows hip hop show on Radio Skid Row in Marrickville. He appears on Love Me No More, and is working with Madame Wu on the upcoming album.

Watch the new video for Love Me No More below: