PREMIERE: Dive into Psychic Sun’s fuzzed-out new single Backfire

Psychic Sun have returned with a searing new single Backfire, flaunting the band’s psyche-based textures with supercharged fuzz.

The new tracks delivers a unique brand of rock, with commanding drums and angular riffs soaring with every note. It ebbs and surges; built around heady vocals and commanding lyrics, once again proving that this band is a true tour-de-force.

Backfire is a showcase of Psychic Sun’s unique brand of rock; it’s rooted in rich, psyche-based textures, and driven home by chaotic charges of fuzz.

Based out of Wollongong, Psychic Sun have cemented themselves in the local rock scene, sharing the stages with the like of Velvet Elevator, Arc of Ascent, Don Fernando, Born Lion, and Richard Clapton. They’ve also toured through Melbourne, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and along the South Coast.

Starting with the Headspace EP in 2013, Psychic Sun dropped their acclaimed full-length debut Rising Suns And Fallen Angels in 2014, followed by their sophomore album Death Rattle in 2016. Seasoned artists, their latest release Backfire instils the blistering tune laced with the fuzzed-out rock they’ve been developing for all these years.

Featuring Geoff Williams (guitar, vocals), Mitch Tighe (guitar), Josh Holloway (bass) and Ben Davies (drums), the Backfire video clip was filmed Mittagong with long-time collaborator Evan Betreen. Do yourself a favour and check it out below:

Psychic Sun will be launching Backfire in Sydney and Wollongong in coming weeks. No strangers to the stage, they’re just as blistering live as in stereo. Suss out the dates below:

Wednesday, May 15 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Thursday, May 23 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
Saturday, June 29 – Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong

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Purchase Backfire here.