Frankie’s Pizza is auctioning off its memorabilia, and the prices are crazy

Last chance to keep a slice of Frankie’s Pizza with you. The now-closed Sydney music venue is auctioning off iconic memorabilia as we speak.

Frankie’s Pizza was officially laid to rest last weekend (Sunday 11), but not without a wild send-off first. The ‘max-400 capacity’ venue was filled to the brim with punters from all corners of the country, keen to have one last hurrah before the beloved Sydney rock’n’roll dive bar shut its doors for good.

Stepping out of the venue in the early morning hours, with ringing ears and zero regret, many of us took one final glance at that beautiful neon sign above the door, thinking it would be the very last time we’d see it…until now.

Credit: eBay @frankies6969

If you happen to have over $7,000 lying around, you can now place yourself in the running to own that sign, via the crazy Frankie’s auction going down on eBay right now…

As announced by the venue on Facebook last Friday (December 16), “history is yours for the taking, memorabilia auction is live now. You have three days to bid on bits and pieces from the Frankie’s Pizza cave. All items are genuine, one-of-a-kind, lived-in articles.”

You really have to see it to believe it. We’re talking bathroom doors, lights, mirrors, disco balls, posters, framed portraits, a drum kit…pretty much everything you’ve ever seen in those hallowed halls, including the ‘Collectable 1994 Data East Guns n Roses Pinball Machine’ which is currently sitting at $15,000.

It’s safe to say there’s a lot of treasured gold on there for all of us Frankie’s fanatics to get our hands on, but honestly, we’ve got our eyes on that unforgettable neon sign, which has garnered 17 bids at the time of writing, reaching $7,600. If that seems high right now, we can’t imagine what the price tag will be when bidding closes by tomorrow. So if you want to get your dirty paws on something, the time is now. Check out the Frankie’s Pizza eBay auction here.