Are we about to get a new Blink 182 album?

Blink 182 has been dropping some not-so-cryptic hints about the release of their new album on social media.

Rumours have been milling around Blink 182 since Tom DeLonge’s return, with their track Edging creating an undeniable amount of anticipation about the release of their new album. Leaving us hanging on the edge of our seats, Tom shared a not-so-cryptic Instagram post, caption stating: “@blink182 New Album Coming in a few months”.


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However, Tom has not been the only band member posting about the upcoming album. Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus also took to social media to release their statements about the timeline of when we can expect their next album.

Travis took to Instagram on the same day as Tom, December 17th, posting a reel of him playing the drums with the caption saying: “Anthem Pt.3”, hinting that there will be a sequel to their other Anthem tracks.


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Hoppus started the frenzy a few days earlier, on December 13th, with a post of what appears to be new lyrics (or a simple poke at Lewis Capaldi’s track Someone You Loved). With the lyrical stanza being: “I like to eat cheese // In my U-Haul // And drink so much beer // I never poop at all // I put my dog down // And pulled my grandma’s plug/ / I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.” As well as capturing the post stating “New @Blink182 is…” ending it with a fire and rock n’ roll emoji.


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However, the band members are not the only ones posting about the progress of their new album, as on December 18th, Travis Barker’s drum tech, Daniel Jensen, gave an album update on Instagram, with a post stating “I’ve been in the studio all week working on the new blink-182 album w/ Travis Barker and it’s coming out awesome! I really think blink fans are going to love it.”


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Now that we know that the album is more than likely in its final stages, the only question on all of our tongues is ‘when will it drop?’ With 2023 and 2024 being two massive touring years for the band, will we all have a new album before the tour kicks off in 2023?