Exclusive: Snapchat partners with Headspace for in-app meditation and more

Exclusive: Snapchat have announced a partnership with Headspace, the 10-years-young global meditation resource with users in 190 countries.

Using the app’s recently unveiled Snap Minis feature, users will be able to complete daily meditations as well as engage in a number of other tools designed “to help Snapchatters check-in with their friends and stay healthy.”

snapchat snap minis headspace mental health meditation

Breathe in, breathe out. Snapchat is partnering with popular meditation service Headspace to provide their millions of users with a much-needed resource for relaxation and mindfulness.

Millennials and Gen Z are more mental health intuitive than any generation before them. Thanks to a growing number of resources like Headspace, global initiatives like R U OK Day, and a much more generous representation for issues like anxiety, depression, and more in pop culture, young people are more conscious of their own emotional wellbeing than ever before.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought conversations around mindfulness, meditation, self-love, and other means of checking yourself even further into the zeitgeist. Hey, even Lizzo and Harry Styles are on board.

Headspace’s presence in Snapchat won’t only provide an easy-to-use system for Snapchatters to engage in meditation and mindfulness exercises, but also provide a number of resources for users to learn more about the practices – all curated by the Headspace experts.

And since it’s a social network, you’ll bet your friends will be involved. Snap Minis are designed to fully integrate into your Snapchat conversations, so creating a safe space to talk about your own wellbeing or to share your Headspace experiences will be easy.

Being online can be a stressful experience – it’s often a zero-filter environment where you’re placed side-by-side with celebrities, success, and social scoring systems. Snapchat’s partnership with Headspace represents another step in the right direction for a company that absolutely bears a responsibility for its 229 million active daily users. The launch of Here For You in March, the availability of crisis resources in the app, and more all point to a rare contemporary network that’s making genuinely mental health focused decisions amongst a world that – let’s face it – is kind of stressful right now.


Headspace Minis are available now. Check Snapchat to try it out – and happy meditating.