Harry Styles teams up with meditation app Calm to soothe you to sleep

It is our pleasure to announce that the collaboration of your dreams has dropped, quite literally.

Ever dreamt of slowly drifting to sleep while Harry Styles whispers sweet nothings in your ear? Well, that reality is now quite possible. Perhaps not in the flesh, but Calm has brought you the next best thing. 

Harry Styles
Photo: @TheHSUpdate on Twitter

Universally recognised heartthrob and talent Harry Styles has teamed up with Calm: the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

The singer has offered his golden vocal chords to narrate a bedtime story titled Dream with Me: a pre-sleep story designed to help relax the mind and soothe listeners into a peaceful slumber. As of today, you can now access Styles’ crooning articulation under Calm’s sleep section, much to the delight of fans. 

The meditation app teased the collab with a tweet featuring a string of emojis, including; a watermelon, z’s, a book, the word “soon”, and a bed. In a follow-up tweet, Calm shared a teaser video which ended with Styles introducing himself in an appropriately low-key manner.

This, of course, sent Twitter into a frenzy, spurring memes to suggest that this collaboration will encourage the opposite of the app’s calming purpose. Rather, sending fans into a deep lusty spiral: exactly what you want before bed.

This is the latest update from Styles since May, after unveiling the video for Watermelon Sugar, off his second studio album Fine Line.

Make sure to grab your seven day free Calm trial to #DreamWithHarry right here.