King Tide find unbridled happiness on reggae jam ‘The Cool Place’

Tony & Paul from King Tide creates a pure, organic groove on The Cool Place that takes you right back to summer vacation.

If you haven’t indulged in the soulful rhythms of King Tide before, there’s never been a better time to dive in. The reggae group have long been one of Australia’s most sought after live acts, brandishing a signature steady rock groove wherever they play.

The last time we heard from King Tide, they gifted us a sonic antidote to lockdown blues, suitably titled, It’s a Lock Down. Now, we’ve got a cool place to explore.

King Tide

As the band says, the opening line describes this new track best: “I found happiness where I left it last”. This upbeat single is all about that special place where you find safety, comfort, and love. For King Tide, it’s Era Beach, “underneath Banksia trees. Watching waves break”. This is beautiful imagery, and they’ve got a film clip to accompany it. When I close my eyes and listen, I’m taken away to a spa out in a Maruya farm, sitting down, watching the kelpies play. Let the track and its infectious pulse carry you away to your cool place, wherever it may be.

Instrumentally, the bass is tasteful, the electrics are adventurous and mysterious, and the drums steady. The vocals are weathered and soulful, carefully picking moments to break out into a howl. The guitar solo gives The Cool Place a jam-feeling, but the groove remains tight as ever. King Tide have been playing together for years, and it shows.

I’ll leave you with a sweet message from the band, who have dedicated this song to a special someone.

“The song and video is dedicated to the girl dancing in the summer dress. Cassandra Woodburne, to her beautiful memory, her sugar high kisses, her love for our two daughters, Georgia, Eddy Diamond, and our life together. And yes, ‘The Cool Place’ [Era Beach]” – Tony Hughes, aka, the happy sufferer.