Alison Wonderland launches FMU Records, wants artists to “feel like humans”

Alison Wonderland has launched a new label, FMU Records, and announced a debut album under alias Whyte Fang, set to drop in 2023.

Aussie electronic music artist, Alison Wonderland has established her own record label, FMU Records, which released its first single, I Surrender by label signees, Jon Casey and Dabow on Thursday (December 8).

In even more exciting news, Alison has announced a forthcoming debut LP, under her moniker Whyte Fang, set to launch in March 2023.

Credit: Jared Tinetti

Discussing her motive behind launching FMU Records with Billboard, Alison Wonderland said: “For FMU, we are just going to push good music. Artists won’t have to do TikToks to ensure their tracks do well. I just want to get cool, good music out there.”

She continued, “I don’t want artists to feel like a statistic, I want them to feel like humans. I’m finding it hard to navigate myself in this world, with the pressure of only looking at numbers rather than the music. I just want to throw cool parties and hope things grow organically. I want to use my platform to give these young artists exposure.”


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In celebration of the impending release, Alison Wonderland will be hosting an FMU Records launch party in an unnamed NYC warehouse on March 10 0f 2023. As per YOUREDM, the “all-night-long event will boast a lineup featuring an array of FMU Records-signed artists, along with a headlining Whyte Fang set that will include a special exclusive preview of her forthcoming LP.” 

To sign up for early access to updates on the party’s location and lineup, click here. Stream the debut release of FMU records, I Surrender via Spotify below.