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We almost interviewed Violent Soho

violent soho mike watt

A few months back, we were asked if we’d like to interview Violent Soho. Due to the fact that they’re fucking awesome, we said yes. Seasons later, they still haven’t returned our interview questions. So, here’s our half baked (much like the band themselves) interview with the four piece, grunge demons, rock n roll legends and all around Brissy icons, Violent Soho…

violent soho interviewAmazingly ROCK illustration by the ever-talented Mike Watt

It’s been almost 10 years since the release of your first EP, Pigs & TV. Blunt Magazine described you then as “Sounding like The Vines fed on raw meat and produced on a fraction of the budget”. How do you feel when you look back on those times? You must have been kids still!

violent soho interview

The Buddhist term for ‘Hungry Ghost’ refers to beings that are driven by intense emotional, animalistic needs. In this sense, they are ‘ghosts’ because they are not fully alive and not fully capable of living and appreciating what the moment has to offer. What did this concept mean for you guys in choosing an album title?

homer violent soho

How have things changed for you guys as a band since signing to I OH YOU?

homer violent soho

I’ve seen you play a bunch of times, most recently at Oxford Arts in Sydney a few months back. That show was insane, and there was literally sweat dripping off the walls. How do you continually bring the gnarly, intense energy to your live shows when you’re on tour?

violent soho interview

If you could build a supergroup of Australian musicians – who would make the pick? (they can be dead or alive)

homer violent soho

I’ve never been to Brisbane but I know that Mansfield is a place close to your heart. What was it like growing up there? Did you ever party down at the Mansfield Tavern Rock Area? Apparently it’s recently reopened.

homer violent soho

Last question – what makes you happy?

homer violent soho

What’s the lesson to be learned here? That you should check out more of Mike Watt‘s work – his talent is immense. Thanks Mike!




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March 24, 2014

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