Arcade Fire celebrate 15 years of Funeral with a remastered video

Arcade Fire are celebrating 15 years of their landmark debut album Funeral and to mark the occasion, they’ve announced they will be releasing a collection of new archival material connected to the release.

On top of this, they have shared a brand new remastered version of their music video for Rebellion (Lies), which is the ninth track from Funeral.

Arcade Fire’s debut album Funeral is turning 15 and to celebrate they have released the remastered video for their track Rebellion (Lies).

The Rebellion video is the first video we made as a band, filmed in the months before the release of Funeral“, said the group on Instagram.

Our friend Josh Deu, who used to play in Arcade Fire, did the visual effects on the video. Somehow along the way the wrong version got uploaded and the official video only existed in a degraded form. We are happy that he was able to redo the hand-drawn effects for this restoration. Enjoy the band as the babies we were!”

Funeral was released on September 14 in 2004 and to celebrate, Arcade Fire also plan to share some rare footage of live performances, archived photos and some commemorative Spotify-exclusive visuals. Check out the new remastered video for Rebellion (Lies) below: