Catholic bishop resigns after falling in love with author of Satanic erotica

Catholic bishop resigns after falling in love with author of Satanic erotica

Catholic bishop Xavier Novell resigned from the Church after falling in love with an author of “Satanic-tinged erotic fiction”.

Hell hath no fury like a former bishop in love.

According to the BBC, Xavier Novell was considered “a rising star in Spain’s Catholic Church”. In 2010, Novell made a name for himself by becoming the country’s youngest bishop at 41-years-old in Catalonia.

Xavier Novell

The former bishop was also known to have been a strong supporter of conversion therapy/abortions and an accomplished exorcist. He was also vocal in his support of Catalonia’s independence.

However, Novell has turned his back on all of this after leaving the Church for “personal reasons”.

In other words, he fell in love.

Reportedly, the now 52-year-old former bishop’s departure “came as a surprise last month” and consisted of meeting “several times with Vatican officials as well as the Pope himself”.

Not all of Novell’s former colleagues supported his decision.

According to the National Post, co-workers of the former Churchman spoke to Spanish media, citing demonic possession as a reason for Novell’s shock exit: “[It’s] not a problem of celibacy but rather of infestation,” the article quotes one of the colleagues saying.

At the same time, it’s been alleged that Pope Francis encouraged Novell “to undergo an exorcism to free his troubled spirit, but the bishop refused to do so”.

So, who is the serpent to Novell’s Eve? Her name is Siliva Caballol – a 38-year-old, psychologist, mother of two, divorcee who writes erotic fiction that promises “a journey into sadism, madness and lust and a struggle between good and evil, God and Satan with a plot to shake one’s values and religious beliefs”.

Xavier Novell Silvia Caballol

Her books include The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust and the Amnesia trilogy. Sounds wild.

Novell and Caballol (who is also an expert in satanism) reportedly first met because of Novell’s interest in demonology.

While both parties haven’t spoken explicitly about their relationship, Religion Digital, a Catholic publication, quoted the former bishop by saying: “he had ‘fallen in love and wants to do things properly”.

Currently, Novell is looking for work “in the Barcelona area as an agronomist” – devil’s lettuce anyone?