Charm of Finches Happy interviews

Fresh off the release of their latest album ‘Marlinchen in the Snow’, Charm of Finches swing by Happy to chat about the recording process, songwriting and the influence of fairy tales. 

It’s fitting that ‘Marlinchen in the Snow’, the new album from sister duo Charm of Finches, is inspired by fairy tales.

The 11-track project, produced by Daniel Ledwell, was recorded in the depths of winter in the woods of Nova Scotia, and imbues in its songs the ethereal magic of its birthplace.

“It was the middle of winter, freezing cold,” Ivy told us of the Canadian studio. “It was pretty magical, we had a frozen lake at our doorstep.”

So dreamy was the landscape that Charm of Finches went on to title their album after a character in the Grimm’s tale, ‘The Juniper Tree,’ a story which Mabel describes as “pretty gruesome [and] confronting and horrible.”

This interplay of whimsy hardship informs ‘Marlinchen in the Snow’, a “story about female strength and intuition,” Mabel says. 

Later, Ivy and Mabel discuss the longing for home that can arise during months-long tours, self-directing their blockbuster music videos, and the Saltburn aesthetic behind one of the album’s key tracks.

“These songs are so special to us,” Mabel says, “and finally everybody gets to hear them.” 

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Cheers to tixel and Tokyo Lamington for making this interview possible.