Chet Hanks declares a 'White Boy Summer' and we have questions

Chet Hanks declares a ‘White Boy Summer’ and we have questions

Chet Hanks leaves us scratching our heads about how he’s Tom Hanks’ son with an Instagram video titled, ‘White Boy Summer’.

Notorious for using a Jamaican accent in most of his videos, Hanks decided to use his real voice to declare that 2021 is White Boy Summer. What the hell is that? We’re still not entirely sure.

The video gained traction, and so he made another…and another…even creating his own hashtag for the concept, #WBS. Aight, Chet. Aight.

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We recommend just watching the string of videos for yourself to really get a feel for the essence of WBS (or become even more confused), but if you’ve forgotten your headphones, you can read what Chet had to say about it in one of his many, many captions.

“If I could sum up #WBS (boy emoji followed by sun emoji) in one phrase it’s this: nothing but love and good vibes towards EVERYONE…that’s means EVERYONE #UDigg #Church (church emoji)”

Patrick Schwarzenegger, another son of a massively famous icon, supported Chet by commenting on the post: “Salmon colour shirt/shorts all day brother”. 

There is also apparently merch for this …holiday? Event? Cult?

And then things took a progressive Turn with Chet amended #WBS to first, #BLACKQUEENSUMMER, then #EVERYBODYSUMMER, then #BLACKKING, #BROWNBOY, #LATINAQUEEN, #ASIANBOY and #ASIANQUEEN #ALLISONE.

Looking back at this video of his badass mother, Rita Wilson, during quarantine, some things start to make sense.


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We still have no idea what’s really going on or what #WBS is, but it’s still better content than Joe Versus The Volcano. Sorry, Tom.