Watch CLYPSO perform 'Storm' Live at Enmore

CLYPSO Performs ‘Storm’ Live at Enmore


Despite the disruptions of 2020, it was a massive year for CLYPSO. A string of radio and dancefloor-friendly singles, like the irrepressible Sidestep and Defend Your Situation, were everywhere. To top them all, the dancehall-infused Storm.

In live form, CLYPSO has a partner in crime in the form of Dan Williams (who holds down drum grooves for NOT A BOYS NAME, Philadelphia Grand Jury and Art vs Science among others). 

Backed by the beats from CLYPSO’s production, the performance of Storm was colourful and catchy as hell. 

CLYPSO was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw and Radi Safi


Bursting with colourful synth squelches, mellotron-esque hooks and CLYPSO’s unmistakable vocal tone, the track possesses a summery energy that goes straight into the bloodstream. 

Here’s what CLYSPO had to say about Storm

“Storm is about not fairweather friends but stormweather friends. Ones that are there for you when things get really bad.

Check out the performance below:

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