The Colliflowers deliver quintessential indie rock track ‘Let Me Go’

Right from the get go, The Colliflowers hook you in with their knack of crafting irresistibly catchy tunes.

The Colliflowers sound, a fusion of classic Aussie rock with a sprinkle of indie magic, is the kind of musical elixir that we obsess over here at Happy Mag.

We’re no strangers to the allure of indie rock, and with their latest offering, ‘Let Me Go,’ The Colliflowers deliver just that, a drop of indie rock gold.


In a world that often feels like an unending grind, The Colliflowers present ‘Let Me Go’ as a sun-soaked antidote to the monotony of daily life.

This track, the band’s second release of 2023, is a breath of fresh air, carrying the vibrant energy reminiscent of a carefree summer road trip.
It’s an anthem that not only radiates optimism but also embodies an infectious spirit, refusing to bow down to the weight of life’s everyday bummers.

The journey of ‘Let Me Go’ unfolds under the guidance of Southern Cross University’s, Steve Law.

Let Me Go is a feel-good, sunny side up, take on the modern dilemma of feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship with the daily grind. Although the inspiration for the track can be a bit of a bummer, the song is anything but that. From the opening bar you’re welcomed with a driving drum beat followed by the type of guitar riffs that will have you wishing you were driving along the coast in your dad’s old panel van. Coupled with optimistic, anthemic vocals and a bass line that pulls no punches, we’ve hopefully created a summer anthem that everyone can get behind and enjoy.” The Colliflowers

Mixed by Jack Nigro and mastered by the Matthew Grey, the track is a testament to The Colliflowers’ ability to encapsulate their signature blend of feel-good vibes and anthemic sound.

The accompanying music video captures the unique personalities of each band member and provides the perfect visualiser to the track’s contagious energy.

As The Colliflowers gear up for their Australian Tour with DICE, the excitement is palpable.

The tour is set to hit all the right notes, spanning ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA & WA, following their triumphant appearances at Spaced Out Festival, Gold Coast, and Byron Music Festival, CREEKFEST.

With over 100,000 streams on digital platforms and incredible 2.6 million+ views on TikTok, The Colliflowers have solidified their position as a formidable force on the Australian music scene.