Connie Constance ushers in the new age of soul with English Rose

Wrap your ears around English Rose; the long-awaited debut album from Connie Constance. A poetic and sonically diverse body of work, Constance explores different avenues of herself and her generation through observational lyrics and a myriad of sounds.

Her unique lease on life makes for a triumphant debut; weaving through elements of jazz, RnB, indie, and more, as she takes a microscope to her world and puts difficult questions to the people around her.

On her debut album, English Rose, London-based artist Connie Constance delivers a poetic and sonically diverse body of work.

To say the very least, the record is dynamic – showcasing an awe-inspiring mix of genres. The thing that remains consistent, however, is Connie Constance’s goose-bump inducing vocals. This 23-year-old is bringing a fresh lease to modern soul, and she is creating something big.

English Rose includes fan favourites Let Go and Yesterday as well as Connie’s recent single, the BBC Radio No. 1 favourite Fast Cars.

Connie Constance co-wrote songs on English Rose with the incredibly talented Mura Masa, Kwesi, Darko, Dave Okumu and Alfa Mist. The album also includes production form Adele and Arctic Monkeys’ Jim Abbiss.

Connie Constance is a force; pioneering a new era of indie rock-influenced, off-kilter soul with poetic narratives, and standing at the forefront of current young UK artists. Unbound by the constraints of one particular style or genre, she’s created a sound that references Britain’s great musical history, whilst driving it forward with new ideas and a new viewpoint.

English Flower is a sturdy vessel for Connie’s big questions and critiques, as well as a musically complex and beautiful body of work. Listen above.