Keeping it DIY: A chat with Gaspar Sanz and DOKO

Ever since we first heard that two of our favourite Sydney psych-rock bands – Gaspar Sanz and DOKO – would be playing alongside one another at The Oxford Art Factory, we’ve been uncontrollably excited.

So ahead of this huge gig on Thursday night, we got Jesse and Jimmy from Gaspar Sanz together with Budo and Jared from DOKO to discuss everything from Sydney’s music scene to favourite Cher songs.

Ahead of a huge show together at Oxford Art Factory this Thursday, Gaspar Sanz and DOKO sat down to chat the Sydney music scene, going DIY, and Cher.

GASPAR SANZ: We’re flippin’ pumped to play with y’all at Oxford Art Factory on Thursday. What’s your best memory playing at OAF?

DOKO: Yeah we’re keen as to smash out a set with you guys too. But to answer your question we’d have to say that last year when we launched our debut EP at the OAF gallery bar would be our most memorable moment.

So being based in Sydney, what have been your experiences as a band within the local scene?

GASPAR SANZ: Yeah, the majority of the band is from Perth and everyone moved over at different times so there was a learning curve for all of us just getting into the industry. But we’ve been gigging pretty solidly for the last 18 months all over the shop and digging every experience that comes along.

We say that our drummer Sammy, is the dad of the group because he makes sure we’re all on time and keeps us in line, who’s the dad in DOKO?

DOKO: That’s good to hear you guys have settled in Sydney so well. Our Trombone player Mr. Mitchell Lowe is definitely our big daddy. Mainly because of his dad-like name, his fatherly aura and his quality dad jokes.

We’ve been listening to your new bangers Scene of The Crime and I Swim, which have these great indie-disco vibes. We can hear a bit of a tasty Jagwar Ma and MGMT influence. Just wondering where you guys draw your inspiration from?

GASPAR SANZ: That is a hell dad name for sure. Does he buy all his clothes at Lowe’s as well? The band has come from all different backgrounds… like Dom played in metal bands, Jesse grew up playing blues rock, and Jimmy and Sammy studied musical theatre and played psych rock… so all these backgrounds come into play when we approach writing.

We read that you guys do a lot of DIY, as do we. What are you most proud of DIY’ing?

DOKO: We’d have to say our most proud DIY moment would have to be recording and releasing our debut EP along with a DIY video clip, artwork and posters. We had been gigging pretty tirelessly which ended up funding the whole
thing. Felt good to know we could just put it together using our small network and playing live shows around Sydney.

So for the last question, we really need to know who your favourite Beatle is in 500 words or less…

GASPAR SANZ: Oh no! don’t make us choose. Can we just say we’d love to sit around a fire with both John and Paul and toast marshmallows.

Ok a couple rapid fire questions for you guys to finish, would you prefer tongs for hands or lights bulbs for eyes? What would your band be if it was a food? And lastly, what does DOKO mean?

DOKO: A bucket of sushi. Doko means a few things, we’ve been told it translates to “where” in Japanese and also “brother” in Tongan. But because none of us can speak either of these languages, we can’t be 100% sure.

Whats your favourite Cher Song? Whats your go to pre-gig meal? Is Gaspar Sanz a type of font?

GASPAR SANZ: A whole bucket of Sushi? We can get around that. Favourite Cher song? Well, the DMA’s cover of Believe is pretty rad. But Turn Back Time, where she rocks a gaffer tape outfit and rides a canon on a Navy ship is fucking epic.
Funnily enough Jimmy has sushi as his pre show meal, but probably not a whole bucket. That’d be pretty loose.

Gaspar Sanz, should definitely be a font, but something like Wingdings, which would also be a great band name.

DOKO: Cheers dudes, keen for the gig, should be a good one! Big bless from Budo and Jared.

GASPAR SANZ: Yeah man, catch you on stage!

Thursday August 2nd – NEW LEASE @ The Oxford Art Factory w/ Gaspar Sanz, DOKO, The Dardi Shades, Florange. More info here.