Em George serves a masterclass in balladry on new single ‘Home’

Em George sings of belonging and “honouring yourself” on melancholic new single Home. 

Em George has shared Home, a masterclass in balladry that marks the singer-songwriter’s first release since 2021. The lovelorn track sees the Sydney musician trace heartbreak and belonging, with vocals and lyrics reminiscent of Welsh artist Duffy. “It’s like all the streets are broken in this town,” George sings atop twinkling piano keys and throughline percussion. “It’s like all the people are waiting to be found.”  

Despite its sombre lyrics — penned by a two-time semi-finalist in the International Songwriters Competition — Home still evokes the cosiness of its titular location. Ambient production and George’s honeyed vocals keep the track from all-out destitution, with a guitar-laden chorus equal parts nostalgic and melancholic. In Home’s latter half, George sings of hope with a resoluteness only amplified by the song’s wistful backing tambourine. 

Em George press image
Credit: Philip Le Masurier

It’s the kind of track worthy of the names George cites as sonic influences, with Leonard Cohen-inflected songwriting and the forlorn vocals of Joni Mitchell. “I’m pretty proud of this song and wrote it in a beautiful creative flow,” George said of Home in an announcement post on social media. “The song is about honouring yourself and no longer limiting yourself for others.” The track was co-produced by Pete Covington and Ryan Miller, with mastering courtesy of Adam Dempsey. 

Scroll down to listen to Em George’s new single Home. The song marks George’s first release since 2021, serving as the follow-up to her standalone single The In Between. That same year, the singer-songwriter shared fellow single Metropolis. George’s sophomore EP, Wolves, arrived in 2020, and was preceded by lead single Fight. 

In a glowing review of The In Between — which was optioned by HBO for use in film and television — Happy Mag said the track sees George “begin to soar, lyrically and melodically.” The singer performed the track live from Happy Studios in 2021, with a rendition that spoke to George’s vocal prowess and set the stage for her long-awaited return on 2023’s Home. Watch George’s Happy Mag performance above, and keep an eye out for future releases from the singer soon.