For The Company is an unbelievably charming, magic-strewn debut from Little May

It only takes one listen to Little May’s debut record For The Company to feel submerged in the deep end of a warm, calming ocean with enchanting harmonies washing the day away. Overall the album draws comparisons to the wistful tones of First Aid Kit and Julia Stone, but it’s absolutely necessary to note that Little May have produced a powerful, polished and completely charming debut album, set to inspire budding musicians in Australia, and almost certainly worldwide.

Little May debut album

Months of gallivanting the world seem to have only strengthened Little May’s fervour for penning magic through music, as proven on their enchanting debut For The Company.

From the start, For The Company is endearingly difficult to pin down; hard to pigeon hole into one specific genre – something the trio have no doubt struggled with in the past. As the journey through the thirteen tracks unfolds it becomes clear that this stellar debut from Sydney three piece – Liz Drummond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton – is a brew of global sounds far beyond the stretch of anything that can be contained within Australian music. This makes taking the album to New York to record with The National‘s Aaron Dessner feel all the more appropriate. It it seems their time spent meandering the world since their 2014 debut EP has really enriched their musical prowess.

The opening track Cicadas is a charming display of magical sounds that will have you in a trance the moment the vocal hits, and you’ll remain floating down a calming ocean right until the closing seconds of Boardwalks. Although holding the same overarching tones of the album, each song is very different to the last.

When you get to Oh My My, tranquility takes a slight turn toward something deeper as the middle section of the album takes on an element of realism. Lyrically, Seven Hours carries you down a darker path feeling a little dazed but, in a slight juxtaposition, serene all the same.

As the album draws to its close, there’s a slight fairy-tale feeling to the music and you’ll probably find yourself carried into a place of complete composure, not at all ready for reality to return when Boardwalks reaches its end. For The Company is an album of refined musical and vocal brilliance. It is a stamp of proof that powerhouse vocal runs are almost completely lost if the aim is to bring the listener in on your musically emotional journey.

When strikingly beautiful guitars meet an array of wood and string instruments, and then some of the most incredible vocal harmonies you’ve heard in a while, you get For The Company – a debut album from some seriously talented Australian girls set to take them to an entirely new level.