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Before he plays Bluesfest next year, get to know Allen Stone in five tracks

Next April, as part of Bluesfest 2019, Allen Stone will return to Aussie shores for a run of headline shows… and we’re pretty bloody excited.

With his captivating blend of soul and R&B, the singer-songwriter has quickly become of the globe’s most celebrated voices. So we’ve compiled a list of his five tracks that you need to be across before catching him live.

Allen Stone is set to return down under next April for a run of shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Byron Bay… but before then, we’ve compiled a list of five tracks you’ve got to be across.


I was personally introduced to Allen Stone’s powerful vocals with the release of his 2011 self-titled album. The track from this album that stood out the most was Unaware; a soulful ballad that’ll stick with you long after it reaches the conclusion of its five-minute duration.

There’s no better song to introduce you to Stone’s arresting vocals than Unaware. While his music has developed significantly since releasing the track, this will always be the first Allen Stone song I point any new listener towards.

Brown Eyed Lover

Fast forward seven years, and Stone has released his new single Brown Eyed lover; a truly dynamic R&B track that’ll leave you no choice but to groove.

As Stone details the struggles of a long-distance relationship, the track dances through a deeply infectious groove and Stone’s signature arresting vocal delivery. From the moment the track kicks off with those irresistible vocals, you’ll be unable to rip your attention away.


Faithful is one of Stone’s more understated R&B tracks, but still one of his most endearing. Beginning with deep, percussive instrumentation, the track perfectly frames Stone’s gospelic vocals.

I can’t wait to be singing along to this track next April, and I recommend you get across it now so you can join in on the good times.


On his most recent single Warriors, Stone finds himself at his most energised. The new single is driven by rhythmic pop beats and R&B vocal hooks. Again, this track will leave you no choice but to groove. Prepare to loosen up and get down to Warriors at any one of his shows next year.

As the track builds with crunching guitars and thumping percussion, Warriors is undoubtedly one of Stone’s most electric releases to date.


On this deeply infectious track, Stone dances through funk-driven instrumentation that will creep into your bones and force you to move. With themes of gospel and soul sprinkled throughout, Freedom will brighten any room you find yourself in.

Of course, these tracks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Allen Stone’s incredible discography. We recommend you go dive into his full discography before Bluesfest next year… then we’ll see you in the crowd singing along to each word.

Catch him live at any of the following dates:

Saturday 13th April 2019 – The Gov, Adelaide
Sunday 14th April 2019 – The Corner, Melbourne
Wednesday 17th April 2019 – Factory Theatre, Sydney
Thursday 18th April 2019 – The Triffid, Brisbane
Saturday 30th April – Monday 22nd April – Bluesfest, Byron Bay

More info here.


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