Human Dinosaur Machine defy classification on new single ‘Trash’

Lismore band Human Dinosaur Machine walk the tightrope of whimsical pop and stirring grunge with just-released single, Trash.  

Only truly great artists can recognise the elasticity of genre. With their new single Trash, Lismore four-piece Human Dinosaur Machine infuse all the enjoyable staples of pop punk with a diverse array of sounds not always heard in the genre, delivering something altogether unique in the process. 

Human Dinosaur Machine’s defiance of genre labels is immediately felt on Trash, which opens with tinkling bottle percussion and the regal flair of an organ.

Human Dinosaur Machine single 'Trash'

It’s the kind of whimsical instrumentation that might set the tone for a colourful dream-pop song, and while the band is clearly adept in these pop stylings, they add further texture to the production with onset of the commanding tones of vocalist Kazya.

Kazya’s confidence in her vocals, which flit between sneers and melodies in the vein of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, establish the single’s foray into heavier territories.

Here, the band draw upon the garage-bound reaches of their sound, bringing elements of dark-pop and soft grunge with grittier guitar sections and the punchy percussion of drummer Roachy. 

Later, thrashing instrumentation sees Human Dinosaur Machine bear their teeth with clashing cymbals and Kazya’s soaring harmonies.

Trash reaches all-out pop punk revelry on the second chorus, where guitarist Mikey’s dazzling electric guitar screeches toward a moment of dramatic catharsis. 

Human Dinosaur Machine single 'Trash'

Later, the shimmering tunes of a fiddle make way for the fairytale sounds of the song’s opening moments, as the band dial-down the noise with softer indie-rock flairs.

On the surface, the pairing of pop whimsey with stirring punk might seem too strenuous, but Trash showcases a knack for drawing upon diverse sounds, deepening the band’s artistry in the process. 

It’s the kind of approach also taken by aughties bands like Green Day and The Strokes, and the band muster a similar top it all off with powerful lyricism.

Human Dinosaur Machine single 'Trash'

Trash ruminates on feelings of discardment, to the point where “everything I ever had” begins to merely feel like trash. Trash follows Ventilator as the single is the second to be lifted from Human Dinosaur Machine’s self-titled debut album, which is set for release soon.

In the meantime, check out the band’s stellar new single Trash below.