I Heart Hiroshima have us in a macabre flutter with their latest EP Dreamin’ Heavy

These guys have been around since 2005, so it’s fair to say that I Heart Hiroshima are no strangers to their own sound. Their latest record Dreamin’ Heavy combines a really clearly articulated conversation between pop and a gritty grunge punk.

The five track release comes as they announce an upcoming tour to celebrate the EP and the process of getting it to us. With such finely tuned instrumentation, it’s surely a journey which took a lot of time and effort.

i heart hiroshima dreamin' heavy

Fun, raw and anthemic, I Heart Hiroshima have showcased a darker take on pop punk with their impressive EP Dreamin’ Heavy.

First track One Click delivers on an anticipatory opening which simply builds and builds. Not a moment of boredom seems to arise as the guitar and drums gather and gather to come crashing together in a tight and electrifying pop punk banger.

Key To Life kicks in with yearning vocals and a screwed-up-face chorus. Some higher notes are perfectly balanced with that moodier vocal lull between. The next track Born Too Late jumps straight in with a brighter tone and pop soaked guitar. It’s a welcome palette cleanser. While not my favourite on the record, Born Too Late does deliver in stellar drums and a ton of instrumental energy.

Workin’ comes in with a sweet, light guitar building up and up throughout. Again, those complementing vocals keep you locked in. I absolutely love that little guitar hook, and for that Workin’, while a shorter track, is a fantastic take on dark pop from I Heart Hiroshima.

Final track Action is the one I’ve been waiting for. If you are a fan of Gang of Youths then this one is for you.

With a pulsating beat and big guitar builds, Action combines the  little snippets of dark vocals, simple structures and moments of slow reflection that the band have been working up to throughout the record.  It’s somber and gratifying and a real anthem of catharsis. As the song develops, the control shakes and trembles, and Action becomes a wild and emotional release.

Definitely my favourite song on the record, even when you feel like the song might be over, a part of me wanted it not to end. Action is a brilliant closer.


I Heart Hiroshima are taking Dreamin’ Heavy on tour over the next month. Catch the full run of dates below.

Fri 24 November – Factory Floor, Sydney – Details
Sat 25 November – Gasometer, Melbourne – Details
Fri 15 Dec – Sat 16 Dec – Netherworld, Brisbane – Details