We delve into some serious creative territory with AnSo and their new track ANSOIE

AnSo dropped into Happy for a chat, giving us a glimpse into their creativity, anchored firmly in the influences of South Korea and Gadigal land.

As a sound sculptor navigating the depths of experimental electronic terrain, she dove into ANSOIE, their latest track that unravels the familiar struggle of time slipping away and the relentless race to keep pace—a narrative resonating with many in the music industry.

In our interview, AnSo candidly shared insights into the uncertainties and doubts that often accompany the artistic process, delving into their own creative labyrinth. 

Influenced by the Korean TV show “Show Me the Money,” AnSo discusses the initial creative spark, that attributes to their work, alongside the field recordings that serve as a primary wellspring of inspiration. 


These recordings, capturing the essence of their surroundings, ignite the bursts of creativity defining AnSo’s distinctive sound.

Teasing their upcoming work slated for 2024, ANSOIE isn’t just a release; it’s a pragmatic preview of what lies ahead. 

Join us as we peel back the layers of AnSo’s artistic journey, their craft and insights into the evolving musical landscape she’s shaping.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.