Jargøn siphons the passion of his community in his new track Walk With It

Wrap your ears around Jargøn’s tech house banger, fueled by collaborative vibes, delivering infectious dance beats.

With a solitary aim to instil happiness and the dire need to dance, Jargøn releases his tech house single Walk With It, a song born out of the thrills of collaboration and the inspiration garnered from pooling together like minded souls. 

After an intense weekend writing session spent with music creators and enthusiasts, Jargøn returned to his home studio with the fire for Walk With It lit beneath his feet.


Channelling the energy of the inspirational collaborative session, Jargøn unleashed his desires into an infectiously upbeat dance track. 

Exciting, pulsating and full of groove, Walk With It combines British House with modern techno.

Filled with climatic bass drops and hi-hat lead dance breaks, Walk With It achieves its goal of eliciting movement, projecting a sense of joy and goodness that harkens back to the energy of Jargøn’s magical weekend session.

Professionally produced and smartly crafted, Walk With It would slide innocuously into any tech house DJ set, a staple for the beginnings of a memorable weekend of letting loose and setting oneself free.

Jargøn’s presence permeates every second of Walk With It, his notable passion and electric commitment to the production of what is undoubtedly his most impressive release to date. 

With a distinctly summer feel to Walk With It, its release comes at a perfect time. Conjuring images of beach raves as the beating sun begins to relent, sandy feet marching to the groove and sunglasses being pushed over heads.

Jargøn himself can be felt in attendance, enjoying his own creation as much as the rest of us. There is something to be said for a track so easy to dance to, so capable in its ability to convince even the most stoic party goers to move.

Walk With It has an essence of familiarity that makes it even more likeable; a comfortability that is necessary for those wanting to let loose and release, knowing that they’re in safe hands. 

Jargøn reeks of professionalism and drive, a love for what he does emanating from Walk With It at every second.

Review by Caitlin Norris.