Shout out to Moree: The communal journey of Miihi Mirri-Dha

Journey into Gomeroi Country, this Aus Music Month & Miihi Mirri-Dha’s dope tune that you’ll have on repeat.

As we dive deep into Aus Music Month, let’s turn our attention to a standout debut making waves right from Northwest NSW.

Enter Miihi Mirri-Dha, a collective of Gomeroi community members, cultural knowledge holders, and young talents, marking their musical journey with the release of ‘Diamond In The Rough.’

 Miihi Mirri-Dha

Miihi Mirri-Dha, is a unique collective born out of Desert Pea Media’s ‘The Crossroads Project.’ Comprising around fourteen individuals, this crew includes Indigenous (Gomeroi) knowledge-holders, young adults, community members, and the youth of Moree, NSW.

The project stems from a year-long storytelling initiative in Moree, emphasizing skill development, training, cultural education, leadership, and social & emotional wellbeing.

Guided by Matthew Priestley, Gomeroi artist, Moree community member, and DPM Co-Founder, Miihi Mirri-Dha blends cultural roots with modern truth-telling.

“Leaders create pathways from earth to the stars and beyond. Let’s start telling our yarn properly. Let the truth set you free.” – Matthew Priestley, Crossroads Project Director.

 Miihi Mirri-Dha

This collective represents the major families in Moree and the four clans of the Gomeroi Nation. For Miihi Mirri-Dha and Desert Pea Media, making music is a communal journey—bringing people together, sharing experiences, and fostering growth as a community and nation.

Check out Miihi Mirri-Dha’s debut single, ‘Diamond In The Rough,’ released through Desert Pea Media and produced by Sydney-based ‘VULI’ from Truevibe Nation.