Diving into Aus Music Month, we bring you our fav tunes from four years of Live From Happy

Celebrating Aus Music Month, Happy presents Live From Happy: four years of unfiltered Aussie musical gold.

One of our favourite things to do at at Happy, is to record and film live music every week, its like having a private gig at our house, and we are grateful as hell to every single one of the bands that have graced the studio.

In honour of Aus Music Month, we’ve delved into the archives, spanning the last four years of Live From Happy sessions recorded straight from our Noise Machines and Studio B.

live from happy south summitt

From South Summit’s stripped-back rendition of their unreleased track, ‘Make it Somewhere,’ to The Terrys, ‘Doctor Doctor,’ with a cranked up guitar amp set to to ear-ringing levels, our line up is stacked with musical gold.

No fluff, just Aussie talent on display, featuring the likes of Teen Jesus, Thandi Phoenix, Salty, Boy Soda, Loretta, Mr Rhodes, Four String Quartet, Birdee 王煒, Danté Knows, and more.

So, if you’re ready to cut through the noise and dive into the core of Australian music, join us in celebrate Aus Music Month, with the artists that have blown our minds, and stole our hearts in the process.

South Summit

Teen Jesus

Boy Soda

Thandi Phoenix


Mr Rhodes

Four String Quartet

Birdee 王煒

Danté Knows 

The Terrys

Head over to Happy’s YouTube for more.