becca hatch

Today, we sit down with the immensely talented Becca Hatch, an artist known for her heartfelt and soul-stirring tunes.

Becca Hatch dropped into Happy Mag to talk about her musical journey and the inspirational impact of big brothers with good taste in music and teachers who have played a significant role in shaping her artistry.

Last year, Becca released the vibey slow jam single “Blessed,” a song that emerged from a transformative period in her life, filled with reflection and personal growth.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences of navigating relationships, she chose to embrace a more positive outlook, finding happiness in life’s simple joys.

Collaborating with Tentendo blushko and Kian, “Blessed” took shape in the quaint and serene town of Castle Main in Regional Victoria. Immersed in this off-the-grid setting, Becca and her team experienced a unique creative process, though not without its challenges, as Becca contracted COVID-19 during recording.

Nevertheless, her unwavering dedication ensured the song’s completion, leaving a profound impact on her artistic journey.

Becca’s artistic muse draws from the vibrant energy of places like the Imperial and Oxford Street, with influences from iconic artists like Destiny’s Child and Alicia Keys. This blend of inspiration shines through in her music, crafting a distinctive and captivating auditory experience for her audience.

becca hatch

As we look ahead, Becca shares exciting news of her upcoming collaboration with Ta-ku on the album “Songs to Come Home To.” The heartwarming ballad titled “Cry” showcases the versatility of her extraordinary voice, offering a departure from her usual energetic style.

Being part of Taku’s project is a true honour for Becca, as she deeply admires his artistry and creative vision.

Moreover, if you find yourself in Canberra this October, make sure to mark your calendars for Stonefest, where Becca will grace the stage alongside other incredible artists.

Her live performance promises to be an unforgettable and soul-stirring experience, captivating the audience with her undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence.

Join us as Becca Hatch opens up about her music, unraveling the stories behind her artistry, and offers a glimpse into her heart and mind. Prepare to be mesmerised, inspired, and utterly captivated by the magic she weaves through her music.