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We delve into time, creativity & the deeply personal narrative that is Carla Geneve’s ‘Hertz’

Carla Geneve dropped into happy to chat about her brand new shiny sophomore album ‘Hertz’.

Started in 2021, and fine tuned during lockdown, Carla dug into the explorative nature of songwriting, and having fun playing guitar all day, albeit in between watching House Hunters.

‘Hertz’ signifies a shift in perspective for Geneve, a result of major life shifts and the relentless pursuit of self-improvement, all narrated through her trademark unfiltered lyricism.

Leading the pack is the evocative ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’, a blend of hope and the ongoing struggle for control over one’s path.

Following closely are the contemplative ‘Drive Carefully’, the reflective ‘Euthymia’, and the infectiously catchy ‘Bills’, which triple j aptly dubbed as one of Geneve’s standout tracks.

carla geneve

“My perspective had widened – after years of non-stop touring and hard graft, I finally had the chance to kick back. Plus, I received a bipolar diagnosis around that time, which played a big part in shaping this album,” she shared.

The result? ‘Hertz’ emerges as a deeply introspective concept album, a raw chronicle of Carla Geneve’s journey in navigating bipolar disorder.

She meticulously crafted the album’s arc to mirror the highs and lows of a mood cycle, giving birth to the aptly named ‘Hertz’.

Catch Carla on tour at WA & VIC below:

Friday, 3rd November Mojos Bar – Fremantle WA

Tuesday, 28th November Merri Creek Tavern, VIC

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