cat and calmell

Sydney duo Cat and Calmell talk candidly about their introspective mini-album ‘How Do You Feel?’, their emotional journey and creative process.

Cat and Catmell made a delightful pit stop at Happy Mag to spill the beans about their upcoming mini-album, ‘How Do You Feel?’, which is set to hit the airwaves on Friday, September 29.

Hailing from Sydney, this dynamic pop duo is all set to present their second album, a sister to their debut, reflecting their growth and wisdom gained through life’s experiences.

Despite their different paths, they share common hopes, fears, and issues, both then and now. Their creative outlet has become a sanctuary for unpacking their emotions, with an eclectic mix of light, laughter, introspection, and a sprinkle of alt-pop sweetness.

Chatting with Cat and Calmell, it’s evident that their journey began at an artist development school in Parramatta back in 2015. While they didn’t hit it off immediately, fate had other plans, and a hilarious bonding moment in an LA mansion bathroom brought them closer than ever.

With ‘How Do You Feel?’, Cat & Calmell are taking us on an emotional rollercoaster. Each track explores a different facet of their memories and life situations, inviting us to glimpse into the depths of their souls.

cat and calmell

The latest single, ‘Feel Alive’ – check out the vid here – produced by the talented Taka Perry, dives headfirst into the abyss of existential dread, a poignant and poetic expression of their anxieties and fears.

Having already amassed a massive following after their breakout hit ‘Dumbshit’ and scoring a coveted support slot with Dua Lipa, this duo is ready to conquer hearts with their soul-baring vulnerability and introspection.

Brace yourself for a musical journey filled with nostalgia, genuine connections, and self-discovery as Cat & Calmell unravel their souls in ‘How Do You Feel?’ Presave ‘How Do You Feel?‘ and stay tuned for more musical brilliance from this extraordinary duo throughout 2023.