gretta ray

Gretta Ray talks “Positive Spin”: A three-year journey, uplifting themes, and creative collaborations with Gab Strum.

With a love for Lemon Smash fonts and stylish yellow nails, Gretta Ray brought a burst of sunshine to our interview, radiating positivity as we delved into the creation of her album “Positive Spin.”

This labour of love took her on a three-year musical journey, spanning from the vibrant streets of London to the soulful vibes of Nashville and the glitzy allure of LA.

With pen to paper, Gretta poured her heart into every lyric, crafting an album that embraces the power of positivity. Through enduring relationships and collaborations, none more special than with Gab Strum, she found the perfect creative springboard.

Their bond not only strengthened during the challenging times of the pandemic but also paved the way for a mesmerizing vocal chain that became the heart of “Positive Spin.”

The project became a testament to Gretta’s growth as an artist, as she honed her craft and embraced her unique sound. Her commitment to authenticity and embracing life’s highs and lows was evident in every melody she crafted.

gretta ray

As the interview unfolded, it was clear that “Positive Spin” embodies more than just a collection of songs; it’s a radiant reflection of Gretta’s journey and her ability to find beauty in vulnerability.

With its release on the horizon, “Positive Spin” promises to be an album that shines brightly in the pop landscape, captivating audiences with its uplifting and heartfelt melodies.

Gretta Ray has truly come into her own, and we can’t wait to share this sunshine-filled musical journey with the world.

“Positive Spin” is available for preorder now.