Happy Friday Staff Picks: SBTRKT, Mr Rhodes, and many more

Happy Friday Staff Picks: The Lemon Twigs, TEKE::TEKE, and many more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staffs Picks, where every Friday we highlight our favourite new music releases from the past week. 

Another Friday comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly-anticipated new Album from The Lemon Twigs, to stunning new singles by Water From Your Eyes and TEKE::TEKE, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

Benjamin Mack

TEKE::TEKE  — Doppelganger

Montreal-based psychedelic rock group, TEKE::TEKE, blends Japanese folk, psychedelia, Brazilian surf rock, and more, their music explores duality and merges contrasting elements. Get lost in their expressive compositions, majestic flute, vibrant horns, electrifying guitar, and a powerful rhythm section, TEKE::TEKE strikes a balance between intense action and introspective moments.


The Lemon Twigs — Everything Harmony

The Lemon Twigs unveil their fourth studio album, “Everything Harmony,” featuring the striking single “Every Day Is The Worst Day Of My Life.” This captivating track effortlessly combines swinging melodies, pop sensibilities, and sophisticated acoustic-folk elements. The result is a distinct and remarkable musical blend.

Ashaine White  — Favourite thing

Ashaine White, a rising talent inspired by Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead, is making waves with her latest release ‘Favourite things.’ Supported by BBC Radio, Ivor’s Academy, and more, she combines Grunge-Soul with a style of her own.

BANFF — Beverly Spills

‘Beverly Spills’ by BANFF is a stunning indie-pop, lo-fi rock track that explores self-doubt. It marks a new era for the Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist, featuring layers of sparkling synths and an atmospheric unfolding.

Water From your Eyes — 14

Water From Your Eyes returns with ’14,’ following their mind-blowing track ‘True Life.’ Their mastery of indie pop deadpan hits like a punch to the gut, leaving you breathless and questioning everything.

Jayla Kai — Skipsong

An open exploration of Kai’s inner world, inviting everyone in with unconstrained openness. At times jagged, but always personal, Skipsong is full of intense self-awareness and outrageous confidence, presenting a textured array samples and unexpected twists.

Tawny Port — Be Sincere

Hailing from Wollongong, The Tawnys are a four-piece indie-pop-rock band that infuses their music with a raw and nostalgic edge. Their vintage influences shine through, creating a blend of modern Australian indie rock that is exceptional.

Benjamin Mack — Dark in the Day

Dark in the Day,” is a standout indie pop-rock gem. This delightful single showcases sonic experimentation and features the incredible saxophone talents of Francesca Parussini. It’s a must-listen in the ever-evolving realm of kiwi music.

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