Water From Your Eyes releases new single and video '14' ahead of highly-anticipated album 'Everyone's Crushed'

Water From Your Eyes releases new single and video ’14’ ahead of highly-anticipated album ‘Everyone’s Crushed’

Rejoice music lovers, after delivering ‘True Life’ a few weeks back and blowing everybody’s minds, Water From Your Eyes are back with ’14’.

We love us a bit of indie pop deadpan – and yeah, sure its the bread and butter of so many indie darlings these days. But when done right, it can hit like a punch to the gut, leaving you gasping for air and questioning everything you thought you knew. 

Enter Water From Your Eyes, made up of Rachel Brown and Nate Amos, whose absurdist, straight faced lyrics are a hallmark of their sound. On their latest track, they use their sardonic wordsmithing skills to devastating effect, capturing the zeitgeist of our tumultuous times with a wry wit and an unflinching eye.

water from your eyes

Water From Your Eyes’ brand new single and video for ‘14,’ gives us a tantalizing taste of what to expect from their forthcoming album and Matador / Remote Control debut, Everyone’s Crushed, which hits the airwaves on May 26th.

The bands use of deadpan lyrics and delivery as a way to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. And while some may dismiss this approach as ironic detachment or emotional disengagement, in the hands of Water From Your Eyes, it becomes a powerful tool for expressing the anguish and uncertainty of our world. 

The composition is a complex interweaving of surging strings, plucked notes, and ethereal electronic hums that encircle a hauntingly repeated vocal line of “How many is 14?”. Water From Your Eyes plumbs the depths of emotional turmoil, delving into themes of grappling with inner demons and the ineluctability of transformation.

The accompanying video, directed by Rachel Brown, is a hauntingly beautiful homage to surrealist masterpieces such as “Meshes of the Afternoon,” “Last Year in Marienbad,” and “Spirited Away,” as well as the Diego Velázquez painting, “The Triumph of Baccus,” which is a favorite of Nate’s. It captures the feeling of being haunted by one’s inner turmoil and the act of letting go of those conflicts.

This is experimental pop at its best, that is as raw and indelible as it is pretty and violent, with Brown describing it as the band’s most collaborative record ever.

So, let the music of Water From Your Eyes wash over you and take you on a journey through the darkness of our times, finding the humor and silliness amidst the chaos and the despair. It’s a record that will leave an indelible mark on your soul, and a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.