Uma von Davi trusts her instincts on glistening debut single ‘I Get The Feeling’

Bryon Bay-based musician Uma von Davi bares her soul with diary-like lyrics and gentle production on new single I Get The Feeling. 

Uma von Davi has released I Get The Feeling, a guitar-driven ballad that serves as the singer-songwriter’s debut single. Opening with gentle acoustic strums, the track flows leisurely like a summer’s afternoon, with von Davi’s unique vocal tone setting the lovelorn scene.

I get the feeling that you’re losing rhythm,” von Davi sings in whispery notes reminiscent of Mallrat. “I get the feeling that you’re getting different.” Later, von Davi’s backing vocals deepen with echoey sound effects, before punchy percussion sets I Get The Feeling in its ultimate groove. 

Uma von Davi single 'I Get The Feeling'

The track’s subtle instrumentation, complete with ambient synths on the chorus, helps to forefront von Davi’s stellar vocals and lyricism, which lament a nonreciprocal love. “I wrote you love letters and I poured out my soul,” she croons, “and yet I don’t have you here in my arms.” 

An ode to trusting one’s instincts in a relationship, I Get The Feeling conveys an unmatched intimacy, as if its lyrics were torn from the pages of von Davi’s own personal diary. It’s the sort of confessional storytelling you might hear on an Olivia Rodrigo record, effortlessly tracing the contours of 20-something romance. 

von Davi’s lyrical efforts are only bolstered by the track’s production, which remains faithful to the singer-songwriter sound, with the flair of an electric guitar towards the end of I Get The Feeling. Once finished, the listener gets the feeling of having been transported into another’s worldview, but the themes of the track, from heartbreak to longing, remain equally universal. 

Uma von Davi single 'I Get The Feeling'

I Get The Feeling is an achievement for a musician of any stripe, but the feat is doubly impressive given von Davi’s age. At just 15 years-old, the Byron Bay-based singer has spoken with the maturity of an artist ten years her senior, yet the message of I Get The Feeling still feels intentionally personal. 

The track was conceived in the solitude of von Davi’s bedroom, and was described by the singer in a press statement as “the most honest and vulnerable” cut from her hundreds-strong catalogue. von Davi’s affinity for music was borne in her younger years, with her debut single I Get The Feeling serving as an arrival of one of the country’s most promising young voices. 

Listen to Uma von Davi’s new single I Get The Feeling below. Elsewhere, you can catch the singer-songwriter when she appears in an upcoming music video for the K-pop group (G)I-DLE, which she shot in Korea.