Julian Munyard hijacks the airwaves with kaleidoscopic new single ‘Radio’

Julian Munyard’s new single Radio is so infectious you might need a dose of antibiotics. 

Julian Munyard has released his infectious new single Radio. An earworm almost from the first second it plays, the groovy discotheque number is distinct in its belonging to no single time period, with a throughline 70s flair that’s paired seamlessly with more current pop tendencies. 

Colourful production, courtesy of KESMAR, punctuates every element of Radio, with a funky bassline accompanied by all sorts of unique elements, from catchy hooks to a kaleidoscopic chorus of synths and twinkling keys. Through it all, Munyard’s vocals remain the track’s major drawcard, with the kind of rich baritones you might hear from an old-school crooner. 

Julian Munyard single 'Radio'

Every bit as euphoric as its sonics, Radio’s lyrics sing joyously of an inescapable romance, likening the relationship to the “alchemy” of radio music. Mustering the anachronistic pop of Lime Cordiale, Munyard sticks the landing with a killer outro that seems purpose-built for a disco ball-lit dance floor. 

“Hold me forever,” Munyard sings as the production slows down. “Don’t say never.” A musical tonic in every sense of the word, Radio is a refreshing deviation from the lovelorn pop that dominates the airwaves, with Munyard likening his sound in a press statement to “finding the perfect piece of fruit on a hot summer’s day.”  

Julian Munyard single 'Radio'

Radio is accompanied by an official music video, which was creatively directed by Munyard, Jonty Brown and Bakani Kombanie. The clip, filmed in a home with vintage stylings and a spiral staircase, follows Munyard as he cooks breakfast and bathes in the hottub, as accompanied by his trusty portable radio. 

Munyard is later joined by monochrome choir boys, who relent to the groove of Radio for a loosely choreographed dance break on the stairwell. “I think a music video is a critical component for the release of a song,” Munyard tells Happy Mag. Filming it at this particular house worked well because it’s as if you walk straight onto a set and don’t have to touch anything.” 

Radio marks Munyard’s first single of 2023, and follows the release of Everyone Does Best last September. Elsewhere, the artist’s debut EP, Talk in Pictures, arrived in 2020, with new single Baby It’s You set for release next week. Coast on the airwaves of Julian Munyard’s new single Radio below, and scroll up to watch the accompanying music video.