Natalie Imbruglia talks Olivia Rodrigo and “not listening” to her own music

Natalie Imbruglia opens up about her collaborative performance with Olivia Rodrigo, and reveals she doesn’t like to listen to her own songs.

Natalie Imbruglia hosted the 2022 ARIA Awards last night (November 24), alongside artists Ruel and G Flip. During the night, she chatted with entertainment reporter, Justin Hill, who asked her about her collaborative performance of Torn with Olivia Rodrigo earlier this year.

“I’m so touched that she asked me,” explained Imbruglia. “She wanted me to sing in LA and I couldn’t get out there, and I said, look, if you come to London, it would be an honour. So she asked me to do the London show and we had the best time. “If you watch the footage, we’re singing to each other. She’s a wonderful role model for young girls.”

Credit: YouTube

Elsewhere in the interview, Hill said of Rodrigo, “she reminds me a lot of you. A younger version of you,” to which Imbruglia replied, “really? I’ll bloody take that!”

Additionally, the pair discussed Natalie Imbruglia’s music, with Hill asking which of her albums is her favourite: “There’s been different moments where I’ve appreciated different albums, but as a rule, you try not to listen to your own music.” 

Credit: Nine

She added, “You live with it for so long when you’re making it. Once I’ve done the finishing touches, I tend to cringe anytime I hear it. What happens is, you go to a cafe and they’re playing it, and you’ll hear something you want to change, and you can’t.”

In addition to her hosting duties, Natalie Imbruglia performed a heartfelt tribute to Olivia Newton-John, alongside Peking Duk and Tones and I. Check out more highlights from the 2022 ARIA Awards ceremony here.