Stormzy quizzes Kate Hudson on filming sex scenes

Intent on asking the questions that everyone wants to know, Stormzy asked Kate’s take on filming sex scenes.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show last night, Stormzy, alongside guests, Roisin Conaty, Joan Armatrading, and Kate Hudson, took the opportunity to ask actresses take on filming sex scenes.

During the show, Stormzy, 29, is asked about filming romantic scenes, in his hit video for Hide & Seek, to which he responded, “Me and the team said it needs to be a high-standard actor. I’m a rubbish actor. The idea of me going on set with someone that’s awkward and I’m awkward. We got Saffron Hocking in and she’s a true professional. She made me really comfortable and led the whole thing.”

kate hudson on sex scenes
Credit: JRS

Stormzy then asked Kate about her methods for approaching sex scenes. “When I see sex scenes I’m like, ‘How do you lot do that?’ Of course it’s your job but… as your average punter, it looks extremely difficult. Can there be… arousal… everyone’s thought it,” 

Kate laughed and replied “Interesting question. I think it’s so mechanical and there’s so many people around.

“Usually they close the set and you kind of have to talk it out and the boys wear belts. It’s very… tucked. It kind of takes the fun out of it, I guess.

“Sometimes it’s more enjoyable than other times. It just depends on the circumstance and the safety that you feel with that actor and how safe the space feels. It can get awkward.”

Kate Hudson dropped a few candid thoughts on her kissing scenes with Matthew McConaughey, sharing that they were not that fun to shoot, and kinda gross. 

“Every time I kissed McConaughey, I mean, it’s like there’s just something happening and there’s like snot, or wind,” 

Explaining that the reason it “was definitely not that fun to shoot” was that is filmed in the ocean “Ocean, swimming and kissing is not always pleasant. Things happen in the ocean, like yuckiness… we’re like treading water trying to stay above water.”