This is why we love big butts

Humans are the most bootylicious animals. But why are we so obsessed with big butts? And more importantly, who has the biggest butt?

According to the Institute of Human Anatomy (IHA), humans have the largest butt-to-body ratio in comparison to any other animal in the kingdom. Of course, booty sizes vary per person, but what makes a booty big or not? Well, the giant booty blessing is based on a number of factors, including genetics, and whether or not you’re keen on doing any squats or lunges.

But why do humans prefer a big butt to gaze upon? Get ready to be shooketh. If you’ve ever asked yourself, why do men like big butts, scientific studies have uncovered that it isn’t actually the big round ass itself that they love, it’s the spine curvature leading to the big ass booty they enjoy.

big butt

Apparently, men prefer women that have a spinal curvature of exactly 45º directly above their huge bubble butt because it gives the illusion of a giant butt apparently. But while this particular study may have “proven” that men prefer curves in general, if the same study was done ten years early, it would have produced extremely different results.

Why? As much as we don’t like to think we are, human beings are super fucking impressionable! If the media says we prefer the biggest bubbling butt club our brain listens. In reality, there’s a high chance that bubble butt wives would like pretty much every body shape under the sun, and as time goes on, that’s kind of creeping into the media as less focus is posed on body image.

big male booty
Credit: IGN Boards via @ImInLesbiansWithYou

So far, we’ve only covered big butt women but now we’re going to talk about big butt men as well, and give them the butt love they too deserve! Turns out, it’s not only men that like big butts. Women also appreciate a big male booty so it seems. More specifically, studies on big booty men show that women prefer a male ass that enhances the way his body moves, usually in a way that suggests masculinity. Let’s just face the fact men with big butts are just as hot as women with big butts are! So guys with bubble butts should never feel the need to change. Embrace the beautiful bubble butt man you know you are because big booty butts look sensational on every gender.

As usual though, science is pretty heterosexual. So unfortunately, for the LGBTQIA+ community, there’s little information about butt preference. Either way, most people would agree that regardless of size, they don’t mind a bit of booty. Some psychologists have theorised that we love all butts, simply because big round asses catch our attention, as they are a breakpoint of the standard human figure.

Now let’s go over some buttock anatomy – as explained in the video below by IHA co-founder, Jonathan Bennion and lab director, Justin Cottle, human bums have a gluteal cleft (the line that separates your butt cheeks) and gluteal fold. What makes the tissue between them so juicy has a lot to do with the way butt muscles are attached to skeletons.

Demonstrating this via a cadaver, Jonathan educates us on butt muscle anatomy. He does an anatomy reveal by dissecting the gigantic ass surface, starting at the epidermis. Directly underneath it is the hypodermis, which comprises fatty tissue called adipose. The thickness of the adipose will vary depending on an individual’s genes or lifestyle.

So yeah, if you’ve been dealing with a secret big booty fetish, or trolling through the huge ass com website, you’re definitely not alone! I love butts, you love butts, we all love butts! Not only are there plenty of online communities for booty lovers who enjoy a big butt pic on their screen, like the Instagram account called BIG BOOTY CLUB below, but tonnes of famous artists have also sung about their attraction to a huge ass.

Take the classic 1992 hit, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot: “I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist, and a round thing in your face, you get sprung.” He continues, “that butt you got makes me so horny.”


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Heck, even Beyonce sang about it in her classic 2002 track: “Cause my body too bootylicious for ya, babe.”

And of course, we can’t forget Major Lazer’s 2013 release, Bubble Butt, with its incredibly poetic and profound lyricism. For nearly the entire first minute of this track, the man repeats the words “bubble butt” over and over. We could be mistaken, but maybe he thinks bubble butts are pretty butts?

largest butt

And finally, the question about thick bubble butts on everybody’s lips – who has the biggest butt in the world? No, it’s not Kim Kardashian. Don’t get us wrong, she has a big butt, but not the biggest butt ever. She’s among the list of big butt women for sure, but it’s not like she’s featured on www big butt com or something, even though she has a thick butt quite famously. So it’s time for the grand butt reveal of the most gigantic booty according to the internet.

Apparently, the award for the largest butt goes to a woman by the name of Mikel Ruffinelli, who scored the title back in 2015. Here she is, in all her glory. Now that’s a big butt woman if we’ve ever seen one! Congrats, Queen!

Mikel Ruffinelli. Credit: The Bronx Daily

We hope you enjoyed this big butt tv segment. The human butt is simply beautiful, isn’t it? Of course, we must note that all booty shapes and sizes are beautiful, whether it’s a massive butt or an average butt. Winning the title of best butt in the world doesn’t define your value, but it sure is bootylicious!

Keep your eyes peeled on for updates this blog about huge butt women and men! It’s likely that we’ll keep adding more photos and info on the biggest butts in the world, along with sex big butts women pics! Who would want to miss that?