interview with kobie dee

Kobie Dee takes a candid deep dive into family dynamics and change with ‘Fathers Eyes’

In a chat with Happy mag, Kobie Dee delves into his latest track, ‘Father’s Eyes.’

At 26, the Gomeroi wordsmith and acclaimed rapper Kobie Dee takes a deep dive into fatherhood, weaving a genuine narrative that goes beyond beats and rhymes. 

He’s joined by five-time ARIA Award nominee and Māori artist Stan Walker, and together they crafted  ‘Father’s Eyes’—a perfect blend of classic hip-hop, echoing Kobie’s honest storytelling.

If you have ever witnessed Kobie Dee on stage, you’ll know he delivers a pure shot of unfiltered storytelling. This is one artist who knows how to lay it all bare – no holds barred.

Unapologetic, candid, and crystal clear. Forget the usual catchy hooks and polished beats scenario – though it’s got that too – this is a direct dive into breaking family cycles, kickstarting generational change, and throwing some serious side-eye at a system that loves to meddle with family bonds.

Kobie lays it all out, sharing his own experiences and offering a candid, emotionally charged perspective on fatherhood, all seen through his eyes.

Sharing a few insights into the stunning film clip directed by Kieran Satour of Garuwa, and, set on unceded Bidjigal Land, the video captures Kobie and Stan in a candid conversation about their cultures, upbringing, and the future of their communities. 

Join us in this resonant exploration of heritage, fatherhood, and the pursuit of positive change.

Check out the visualiser for ‘Fathers Eyes’ here and stay connected with Kobie Dee via Instagram.

Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.