lord fascinator

Lord Fascinator, the musical alter ego of Johnny Mackay, recently sat down with us to discuss his inspirations, his love for Danish muses, and his penchant for writing songs about love.

Mackay, formerly the frontman of indie band ‘Children Collide,’ decided to embark on a new musical path after feeling a growing weariness with his previous project.

While touring with Children Collide, he found solace in creating electronic music, an endeavor that eventually evolved into his side project, Fascinator, with the encouragement of Darren Seltmann of the Avalanches.

Join us as we delve into Lord Fascinator’s creative process, his connection to Danish muses, and the universal language of love that permeates his music.

In 2012, Mackay made a life-altering move to New York City, and what was initially meant to be a side project unexpectedly became his sole focus.

Surrounded by a vibrant and supportive musical community, Mackay found himself collaborating with like-minded artists, forging unique soundscapes that transcend genres and push the boundaries of experimentation.

Each song Lord Fascinator creates is an introspective diary entry, capturing the essence of different individuals, heartbreak, and the power of communication through art.

Mackay’s latest release, “Love Songs,” is a testament to his exploration of psychedelic synth-pop and his penchant for ephemeral experiments.

With its release through Spinning Top Records, Lord Fascinator continues to captivate listeners with his thought-provoking and emotionally charged compositions.