manfredo lament

Manfredo Lament dive into synths, friendship & their unconventional approach to making music

Kurt Lam and Gabriel Haslam of Manfredo Lament recently sat down with Happy Mag, offering insights into their group dynamics, creative motivations, and their uniqe approach to making music.

The duo’s musical journey finds its roots in improvisation, which were driven by Ableton seasons and loops. As their sessions progressed, a bassist and a saxophonist joined the mix, maintaining the importance of improvisation in their creative process.

To avoid monotony and keep their music evolving, Lam and Haslam regularly bring in new musicians, creating a rotating cast that contributes to the development of their sound. Experimentation remains a core focus for the band.

Their latest tracks, including “Samurai Champaloo,” “Carmen’s Theme,” and “Cowboy Bebop,” showcase a blend of jazz, synth, making for a total mood of bebop and blow. Recorded with a keen eye for capturing live energy, the tracks emanate a genuine “in the room” feeling.

Beyond the music itself, Manfredo Lament is a testament to friendship. Lam and Haslam’s camaraderie permeates their work, emphasizing the connection between shared passion and creative synergy.

The band’s essence lies not only in technical skillsets but also in the transformative power of music and the unspoken language that binds like-minded individuals in the pursuit of sonic exploration.

Manfredo Lament emerges not just as a musical entity but as a celebration of friendship, innovation, and the endless possibilities that arise when creative minds collaborate.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.