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Marc takes us on a ride through his wild new series exploring the strangest 80s art heist you’ve never heard of.

Marc Fennell, journalist, and television presenter, swung by Happy Mag to chat about his forthcoming SBS documentary called ‘The Mission’ to talk about how this very strange series came to be.

This 3 part 1 hour documentary series about art, crime, and a monastery in WA, delves into the theft of what was at the time the most expensive artwork in Australia.

How a bunch of not so good criminals managed to steal the most expensive art is one thing, but it’s what happened after they stole it, that the story comes alive with the layer upon layer of crime wrapped around the monastery.

Marc Fennell brilliantly weaves history with the present, offering up a poignant reflection on missionaries and Australia, all the whilst taking us on a ride exploring the strangest 80s art heist you’ve never heard of.

marc fennell

A must-watch for art lovers, true crime buffs, and television buffs looking to embark on a nostalgia soaked 80s treasure hunt, The Mission adds to Marc Fennell’s growing legacy as one of Australia’s most captivating documentary makers.

Landing on your screens today, The three-part series is set to premiere at 8.30pm on SBS.

Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.

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