romy vager rvg

Romy Vager, the enigmatic force behind RVG, recently paid a visit to the Happy Mag office. The purpose of her visit? To dive deep into the captivating world of Brain Worms, the band’s latest musical endeavor.

Brain Worms, their latest record, delivers the epitome of spacious, big, perfect rock-pop. Sonically, it encompasses everything the band had ever dreamed of. After enduring the challenging lockdowns in Melbourne, RVG decided to embark on a fresh start in England. It was a risk that paid off, as their new album stands as their finest work to date.

RVG has had an incredible five years. Their debut album, A Quality of Mercy, garnered critical acclaim and earned them a place on numerous “Best Of” lists. They even had the privilege of sharing the stage with iconic acts like Pixies, Kurt Vile, Pete Doherty, Sleaford Mods, Camp Cope, and Shame. As the world locked down, RVG released their second album, Feral, which was hailed as “masterfully executed” and “the record of a lifetime.”

In this new chapter, Romy and her bandmates—Reuben Bloxham, Marc Nolte, and Isabele Wallace—have transcended their previous accomplishments. They have shed the constraints of their influences, fearlessly pushing their creative boundaries and experimenting with new sounds.

The result is an album that stands as a testament to their growth, their maturity, and their unequivocal belief in the power of their craft. RVG has truly reached their pinnacle, and Brain Worms is a remarkable testament to their artistic evolution.

Listen here.